For Kids

For Parents

Getting Started

Kids' email re-imagined

Fun, simple and safe email for kids,
made by parents.

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Email features for kids

Kids get their own free email accounts and addresses for safe
email communication with friends and family

Inside intuitive email app kids will have fun with an amazing
drawing board with postcards, stamps, pen, brushes and
other instruments to draw attachments

PUSH notification will be sent to iPhone/iPad
when kid's email is received

Kids love fun avatar customization options
in their contact list where they can draw
or edit avatars

With simplified email accounts for
younger kids and standard email accounts
for older children Tocomail is intuitive
and safe email for kids of all ages
Kids Email email iPad app for kids

Safety features for Parents

Safe contact list supervised by parent — you decide who is
safe to email your kids

Supervised General list of contacts in addition to Safe list
Emails to your kids from anyone who is not on Safe list
will be kept in Quarantine box until parent approves or
rejects them

Parents can choose to receive copy of the quarantined
kids' emails to their regular email accounts

Parent can approve or reject emails right from
notification email

Profanity filter will
quarantine the emails
with profanities

Bullying recognizer will
detect and immediately
notify parent if bullying
patterns are found
Safe Email for Kids email iPad app for kids
Getting started
Three simple steps:
Add kids' email accounts
Build contact list

Give email to your kids
email iPad app for kids Kids Email Accounts